Inking Kombi is artist duo Mat Vaughan and Nicki Letts. We create imaginative installations and experiences in unexpected spaces. Blending storytelling, experimentation, adventure and visual arts to inspire people to look at objects in new ways.

Working together since 2015, we have embarked on adventurous projects around Australia and the world. In 2016, we worked with the City of Albany, WA, during the Big Draw Festival inviting kids to create a giant collaborative artwork by printmaking with Kombi parts.

In 2017, we hiked around Nepal with a yellow tent designed by 6-year-old Jack, investigating what happens when a perfect idea is released into an ever-changing world.

In 2018, we worked with the City of Banyule on Refuge, a series of workshops to discover and create the perfect refuge.

Every project is designed to actively engage people to question and explore the functionality of objects in our lives.

Mat Vaughan is a practising visual artist with a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts from the Victoria College of Arts (Uni Melb). See his latest projects.

Nicki Letts is a writer and content creator. She is always seeking stories that take people places.

The pair are based in their ’73 Kombi, the Old Girl, somewhere between the city and the mountains in Victoria.

Life with the Old Girl in the great outdoors

Hero image by Samuel Costin