Our story

Let us introduce you to our 1973 VW Kombi, the ‘Old Girl’.


Ta dah!

Some say she’s brown. Others say roadsign yellow.  She’s even been described as Big M Caramel. Whatever colour you see, we love her and know you will too!

Last year the Old Girl took us around Australia, where we explored and got lost and had lots of amazing adventures along the way.

She took us to big wide open spaces.

Photo 25-07-2016-2

Over the borders.

Photo 29-07-2016

Across old bridges…

Photo 1-05-2016

And made lots of new friends along the way!


Sometimes she didn’t feel well and needed a rest.

Photo 3-08-2016-4

But she always got back up again for the next adventure.

Photo 24-08-2016-4

The Kombi was our home, our studio, our office and our wheels.

Life with the Old Girl in the great outdoors


Then, one day she became the inspiration for brilliant idea: Inking Kombi.


Inking Kombi is a printmaking workshop for kids. You take parts from the Old Girl (non essential ones!), ink them up and press or rub them onto rice paper. Sometimes they’re giant works with lots of people helping. Sometimes they’re individual prints all of your own. But every print is always delightfully unique, surprising and special.

Inking Kombi is all about looking at the world differently. 

Our aim with Inking Kombi (other than to make a big huge mess and have heaps of fun!) is to teach the basics of the printmaking process, and then let the kids take control, be creative, use their initiative, be brave enough to make mistakes, and most importantly…have fun!

Inking Kombi also encourages the idea of repurposing and recycling objects. Using an old car to make art is an education of thinking outside the box and looking at objects with fresh eyes.

We can’t wait to see where 2017 and beyond takes us, and hope you’ll come along for the ride. If you would like to know more about Inking Kombi, the people behind it, or the Old Girl’s adventures, please drop us a line.

Photo 25-07-2016