Refuge is a community arts project in collaboration with the City of Banyule.

In 2018, we worked with the Banyule community to create a city of tents. Engaging with people of all ages and cultures across the community to design Banyule’s ‘perfect refuge’.

There were three stages to the project:


During pop-up workshops over summer 2018, we asked people of all ages and cultures to answer the following questions through drawing and words on five canvas tents:

  • Where do you feel safe?
  • What would your perfect refuge look like?
  • Where would you locate it?
  • What would it need inside?
  • Who would you invite into your refuge?



We chose three ideas to bring into reality. Some refuges were not physically be able to be “made” in the strictest sense, so we explored how to capture the essence of the idea (such as warmth, comfort, family)



The refuges were pitched for exhibition at Kids ArtyFarty Fest on 18 March.

The artists are now working with the community on the realisation of their shared idea of a perfect refuge, The Unfinished Quilt. 



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