Inking Kombi is all about looking at the world differently. 

Take parts from the Old Girl (non essential ones!), ink them up and press or rub them onto rice paper.

Sometimes we create giant artworks with lots of people helping. Sometimes they’re individual prints all of your own.

While they are learning the basics of printmaking, kids can also take control, be creative, use their initiative, be brave enough to make mistakes, and have fun along the way.

Inking Kombi also encourages the idea of repurposing and recycling objects. Using an old car to make art is an education of thinking outside the box and looking at objects with fresh eyes.

To date, we have run printmaking workshops and activations at:

  • City of Albany’s Big Draw Festival, October 2016
  • Box Hill Community Arts Centre (BHCAC) school holidays program, September 2017
  • City of Whitehorse’s Stringybark Festival, October 2017
  • Marysville Marathon, November 2017
  • City of Kingston’s Makers Market, December 2017

Get in touch to discuss a tailored program for your event.



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