OMG we’re crowdfunding!

We’re crowdfunding on Pozible and we need your support!

It’s time to get kids to colour outside the lines. To break free from the traditional paintbrushes and canvas *yawn* and realise that everything can be used to make art…even an old sparkplug! Oh, and have heaps of fun along the way…

That’s why we need your help turning our Kombi into a creative studio on wheels!

We know that Melbourne parents want their kids to have fun, creative and educational experiences without the stress of carting them around to classes on the other side of the city *shudder*.

With Inking Kombi, we bring our creative workshops to you. Or at least, somewhere very close! To do this, we’re turning our Kombi, the Old Girl, into a creative studio on wheels. And we need your pledges to make it happen! Pledge here

1G4A1897 - Version 2

So, what’s this crowdfunding stuff all about?

If you love what we’re creating, you can support us by pledging money. In return, you get an awesome reward. The more you pledge, the better the reward!

We’ve chosen Pozible as our crowdfunding platform because:

a) it’s Australian

b) it’s really committed to creative projects like ours.

They’ve raised over $50 million in pledges so far, which is pretty awesome.

What will we use the funds for?

The really exciting thing is we’ve already booked in some awesome festivals and events in spring. Now we need your support to get ready!

The first thing we will do is transform the Old Girl into a creative studio that excites the imagination and encourages invention.

She might be 44 years old but she’s in good shape, so all we need is a few essentials, like fresh flooring, seat covers and storage for all the inks and rollers.

Speaking of inks and rollers, they don’t come cheap! So we will also use funds to stock up on art supplies, such as kid-friendly non-toxic inks, rollers, art smocks and tarps.

Inking Kombi gets kids making art in the great outdoors. And we all know Melbourne weather doesn’t always play ball. So we’re buying a super-strong marquee to keep everyone dry and shaded as they create.

Finally, we’re realists. We know that people won’t come rushing to us. So we need to invest a bit in the digital marketing world to get the word out.

With your support, our goal is to run regular workshops and school holidays programs, as well as take part in community events and festivals throughout the year!

Our campaign launches on 1 September. Please make a pledge, share our story and together we can get kids rolling and inking across Melbourne and beyond.


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