Easy art experiments to try at home

Think science and art are complete opposites? Think again!

We like to think of ourselves as scientists here at Inking Kombi. After all, we’re experimenting all the time!

Science and art are intertwined. Think about it…

Art is used to explain science. Just look at Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches of the human body. Science is used in art too – artists used to mix paint with egg yolk (known as “tempera”) to stop the painting from turning yellow over time.

Here are 4 easy art experiments to try at home:

Experiment 1: Colour mixing

This is one of the best art experiments and there are so many ways to do it! One really easy way is to give kids some pipettes (or droppers) and fill them with watercolours. Let them drop them onto the paper and see what happens when they mix!

Watch our quick video:


Experiment 2: Leaf prints

Leaf prints are a creative way to get kids to really zoom in on the intricate details of leaves – like the shape of the leaf, the texture, the veins, different colours, and more. Keep it simple for younger kids with leaf rubbings or simply paint the leaf and press it straight onto paper.


Experiment 3: Sun prints

We love printmaking at Inking Kombi, so of course we have to include sun prints. This is a great outdoor activity for summer, and teaches kids lots about how photography works. Did we mention there’s no mess? Bonus!

Simply buy sunography paper or a sun print kit from a good craft shop. Choose lots of different shaped objects to place on the kit and let nature do the rest!


Experiment 4: Make your own charcoal

Our very favourite thing to do when we’re camping (much cheaper than buying it!). Collect some thin twigs from around the campsite. Make an awesome campfire. Wrap small bundles of twigs in foil, so there are no holes. Place them into the fire and let them stay there “cooking” for several hours. When you carefully open the foil parcels, you’ll have sticks of charcoal ready to draw with!

What arty experiments will you try at home? Tell us!


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