Day 9: Draw Bobgoblin and the Ghost of Christmas Something

THIS IS IT! The final drawing of Jack’s big mission.

Have you been following along? Here’s a reminder of the mission:


Now, Mat made a little mistake with this one and wrote “Ghost of Christmas Past” not “Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come”. But because it’s Friday and he’s had a long week of drawing, we should probably let him off. What do you think? 😉

Send any complaints to Mat @ The Old Girl.

So, Bobgoblin is a little green goblin who’s always getting into trouble. So it’s no wonder he’s hanging out with the Christmas Ghosts!

Watch and learn how to draw Bobgoblin and the Ghost of Christmas Whatever:


You can download the PRINTABLE PDF to colour in Bobgoblin and his spooky friend.

We hope you’ve enjoyed following our mission. If you missed any drawing videos, you can go straight to Instagram and see them all.

If you want to learn more about drawing and printmaking, ask us about our workshops!


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