Day 7: Draw a Cupcake

Mmmmmmm cupcakes! This drawing lesson might make your mouth water, but that’s okay – it’s always time for cake!

Jack and his little sister Emma love cakes. And Jack’s mum is a cake maker extraordinaire. So it shouldn’t surprise us that “Draw a Cupcake” is on his mission list. What does surprise us is that he only wants us to draw one cupcake!

Watch this video to learn how to draw a cupcake:


Our cupcake isn’t very fancy…but that’s because we want you to decorate it! Add icing, sprinkles, choccie chips, smarties, unicorns – whatever it takes to make a truly yummy scrumptious cupcake.


See you tomorrow when we’ll draw SCROOGE! Right, we’re off to get some cake…

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